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I do not want this post to be used by radical,extremist guys in order to prevent women from living her life.

Im not here trying to be a charity case, and a poster child for gender speration and all of that.

I am just a girl speaking out against this toxic site. I have to change some parts of the story because the man who played me might be reading this.

I grew up in a very liberal household. My parents never forced religion or anything on me,I have strong faith. Because of them,alhamdulilah I am a good Muslim.

I have never dated, I have always been in my school. I have been pressured by female relatives to "find a man". Even my American friends were getting married. The community around me is pretty toxic so I thought maybe online would have some good people.

I thought I met the man of my dreams, but he turned out to be a committment phobe and a player. I started chatting with him on the site. I was hesitant at first because I didnt trust men. He earned my trust over time. Than I skyped him. We live in the same state but different cities. He gave me these empty promises of marriage and kids and a house and a beautiful family.

I cant go into much detail but I ended up being intimate with him when I visited him. I ignorantly thought that he would marry me.

After that,he blocked me on Facebook,sms, and every mode of communication there is. I find out that he was back on looking for "hijabi girls". One month after he played me. I cried soo much and I was so depressed to the point my hair was falling out.I couldnt eat.I felt soo bad that I became what I feared. He moves on with his life and left me in pieces.

It is my strong faith in Allah that got me thru the days. What he did to me hurt me soo bad,it feels like I am swallowing fire.I sacrificed so much to be with him and he leaves me at my most vulnerable time. He didnt even text me that he wanted to break up. I had to text him and ask him,he sent me some bullcrap excuse and blocked me. Now he is chasing "educated" "pious" hijabi girls on that page. While I live with the guilt.

I urge all Muslim women and beg all Muslim women to please learn from me and not sign up to such sites. If these sites don't have women,the men won't come on. Any man who wants to delay for the hills! that is a guy who wants to play around with your heart and your body. Imam Omar Suleiman said it best. A man who is serious about you would commit. Love is anything,but its not unsure.It doesnt take 3 years to know you want to spend your life with someone.

I urge all Muslim fathers and brothers to please warn sisters! we live in fictitious times with fictitious people.I have spent a year heartbroken and hurt. He did what he promised he would never do. I have broken bones before and I have had many injuries in the past, I swear to you..nothing amounts to the feeling of being betrayed by a man you THOUGHT you would spend the rest of your life with.

These evil shayateen who run the site are not Muslim. They profit off of this.They profit off of pain. The mighty dollar will always mean more to them than Allah.

Product or Service Mentioned: Singlemuslim Website.

Reason of review: scam.

Preferred solution: To warn my fellow Muslims,this site is a scam and it only attracts predators.

I didn't like: Stealing, Customer service.

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Salaam, Im sorry to hear you have been betrayed this way, think of it this way sister people who lie, cheat and commit any terrible sins will have to take responsibility for their own actions. You realised you made a mistake and your intentions were of marriage so stay positive don’t get yourself down about that...

Allah is most forgiving... Stay strong always and pray to Allah.


I feel for you, but what has happened let it happen as long as you repent and will not let it happen again. If that *** had promised you marriage at least you could have reported him as crime gaining sex by deceiving.

But reading from your story above, he didn't.

At least that's the law at UK, not sure at US.

Stop treating your self badly. There will be time when you look back at this and you regret why you have spent so much time crying on this (Sorry, I forget if this is in Qur'an or sunnah). I am old enough to know.

Marriage is obligatory to stop zina, but consider this, will you marry that man only because everyone else is married despite the man is clearly have no idea what one of the big sins is? If he is back to you, will you accept him and thinking he will change?

Don't try to change a broken person, you should not. You may end up to behave like him too.

Only if he repents to Allah and apologized to you, should you take him back. For now, you should be thankful you are saved from him.

I maybe one of the kind who have interest on people near death experience (be them muslim or non-muslim). Maybe you have heard about life-review or person being shown what you'll get for a big sin.

Or how grave diggers have problem digging grave for deceased with big sins.

I don't want to be like these people. Very scary.

to Anonymous #1382110

This is not true! At UK there is no such thing you can report to police of man deceived you for sex with false promise of marriage.

But there is THE promised Judgement day, the zina-doer can't escape from.

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