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Long story short, I have written a post on this forum before. Explaining my horrible expereince about a Sudanese scammer.

I was forced/tricked to retract my words because he was worried about his "Reputation". This person ended up getting engaged to some 21 yr old, while he is a 30 yr old disgusting beluga looking abuser. He lovebombed me in the beginning and than ghosted me after trricking me to come see him. He baasically made it seem like I should see him before I marry him and he took advantage of my circumstances.

Like a predator. When I wrote the review, he was panicked because the sudanese community started putting two and two together and linking him and his family. So he contacted me and tried to guilt me and promised to be nice to me, in an attempt for me to delete my statements. I obliged and tried so much to get the review deleted, and it wouldnt delete.

And I thank God it didnt delete. This scammer used many different names and tried to lure innocent women. So he gave up on women and now is engagd to his brother's wife's cousin. Who was in high school when we were supposedly "Together".

How sad. As soon as he ghosted me he was online. Searching for new ppl. He is an evil parasite and I feel bad for the 21 yr old that is married to him.

He is an evil person and he will never amount to a man. A gross piece of trash. And thank Allah he is out of my life. Allah promises to punish oppressors in this life an din the afterlife.

He will get what's coming to him. Alhamdulilah,I met an amazing REAL MAN who trains in MMA and also works in Media. I thank Allah that evil disgusting stank pathetic sociopath is out of my life. He is childish and emotionally stunted.

Good riddance. I urge all my Muslim brothers and sisters to steer clear from this site. Please also look up Narcisstic signs. I linked a video.

There are many vids online on how to identify Narcisstic toxic people. Dating "matrimonial" sites are like playgrounds for toxic people. Alhamdulilah with the grace of Allah I am such a stronger person and more aware. The fine brothers and sisters here who wrote negative reviews are telling the truth.

That site is full of fake profiles, and the ones that are real are problematic. I wouldnt wish that fool on my biggest enemy. He is dead to me and will always be. The days of biting my tongue are over.

He is trash and forever will be. Please, stay away from that site. It has red flags written all over it. STAY AWAY!

I am dead serious. You will run into an emotionally stunted scammer like I did. Save yourself the headache. Alhamdulilah I am in such a wonderful place and surrounded by love, new love and love that has always been around me(friends and family) .

It is refreshing to be with a man who is the embodiment of a real man.

The trouble that ugly demon caused in my life ...Allah will punish him. I am here to warn all of you, pls do not go on that site.

Product or Service Mentioned: Singlemuslim Online Dating.

I didn't like: Creeps on the site.

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