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This site is a total scam! You will break your bank account or your heart! I have attached below my story because I have already talked about it on several sites warning people to stay away from this site!

I was used by this guy than later on dumped after being promised marriage because his parents said I was" beneath" him! Not because I was a murderer or a bully! Because I wasn't as educated as him! Apparently they think education and intelligence is interchangeable!but it isn't!

Now he is active on that site desperate to find a new victim!

If you find a Sudanese male in the Baltimore Maryland area... Run run run!!!!!! He will send you a cheesy message of getting to know your family on a halal way! And compliment you on being such an established doctor,nurse,lawyer,engineer,architect!

That's all that matters to him! Image. He hurt me because of his family's pride and "image". Even though he has 2 unmarried brothers living with the parents. One cheated on his fiancée. And is now single!

Allah save you from getting caught up in such a toxic family. He hurt me so bad and you know how he broke up with me? Ghosted/disappeared and blocked me out if the blue! This is the reality of such sites! No accountability. He has taken so much from me and thrown me out like trash. Now he is rummaging for a "pious" "educated" "honest" girl. Disgusting. After he played me like a toy.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. saratheoriginal stated that there is a room for improvement of men seeking haram relation and admin. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss bad quality of singlemuslim online dating. Singlemuslim needs to "shut down this toxic site" according to poster's claims.

Other people also mentioned singlemuslim online dating in their reviews. You may find this information helpful for further shopping at Singlemuslim.


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Villa Rica, Georgia, United States #1198630

As Salaam Alakum, how does your personal situation with the brother make this a bad site!!!!!


There are some vile disgusting pieces of garbage who have no lives but to sabotage people's lives with suspicion and gossip!DO NOT!!

I repeat: DO NOT GO ON A WITCH HUNT! Do not throw out names, usernames or info on who you think it is.

Do not go around thinking every Sudanese guy is a suspect!!!! You can damage people, families and communities by your tongue!

I never revealed the name(s) of the people involved! So do not take it upon yourselves to create stories in your head! Once again, I hate myself for writing this and not understanding the caliber of what I have done! Do not make my life more miserable by taking this *** post around and throwing people's names!

You do not understand how you can ruin someone's life! Especially sudanese gossiping people! Stop it! People who threw out usernames!

Stop it! You're actually wrong! How would you feel if many innocent men have been attacked because some gossiping *** took it upon himself/herself to link them with this post!?

I am deeply saddened and heartbroken to tears that this has taken such a route!

If you are a Muslim, do not contact people who have nothing to do with anything!

That is cyberbullying!How would you like it if someone accused you because you are pakistani or Arab, based on what was written on some dumb post that should of never been written!!!

I beg the site to plead take this horrible dumb page down!!!


May people please refrain from using this post as a means to attack, accuse,suspect others?

I hope none of you Sudanese guys or girls are using this post to spread mischief and fitnah in ANY community!!You need to cease and desist if you are doing this!

The name of the parties were never revealed, so please do not take it upon yourselves to guess or throw out names/usernames!

Do not stalk or attack random men based on lies you read here!!!Please stop! I am actually working on getting this post deleted because it is going to do harm against innocent people and that was never my intent!! If you are using this post to spread gossip and the like, you need to stop! Do not slander another person's name!

The names mentioned on this post are false. I regret writing this post! I did damage by seeking help from gossipers! I regret writing this and I wish people would stop speculating!

Suspecting people is haram! Throwing out usernames and the like is wrong! Please respect me enough to stop this and disregard my post! I already sent a letter/email to administration!

Asking them to remove this post! Please respect me and yourself enough to not spread rumors and throw out usernames! This is cyber bullying. Please stop the drama.

I am devastated and I regret ever posting here.

Please stop.Ignore this post, please.

Glasgow, Glasgow City, United Kingdom #1196366

To be fair its not the sites fault that the guy was an ***. May Allah grant you sabr. Just remember Allah knows best x

Richfield Springs, New York, United States #1195564

Thumbs up his own comments, because he is proud of what he says.

I leave what you said about me and to me up to Allah.

hasbi allah o nimal wakeel


I actually did come with my real name.Every response was through my real name.

Reading what you just wrote .........

I'm a drug addict?

With no friends?

and a coward?

hasbi allah o nimal wakeel.

Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #1195552

I wouldn't be surprised if everyone on this site is actually you in disguise. You have no friends and clearly make up split personalities to hang out with you. So sad.

Ellicott City, Maryland, United States #1195545

If you have something to say to me, don't be a coward and come on this site to tell the world. You want to shame me, but I could shame you just as easily.

Ellicott City, Maryland, United States #1195538

Wow, you realize that posting misleading comments on this site is against pissedconsumer.com policy?

The admins should really remove your review.

Ellicott City, Maryland, United States #1195521

I think you should try moving on. Guys like this exist everywhere in the world. If you dwell on this, you will only end up hurting yourself.

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