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I have read and heard first hand reviews o fmany people getting scammed by the site owners as well as the people on the site.

It breaks me heart to know that people have suffered in the hands of cowardly disgusting people.

Do not claim to be Muslim! DO NOT!

Do not play with women on that site and have your "fun"..than move onto marry someone else! than think for a hot second that Alah isn't going to burn you in this dunya/life and the hereafter.

Allah places a strong strong and scary warning to those who oppress others and play around!

Allah punishes 2 offenses in this world and in the next life...oppression is one of them! oppression is a serious crime! and once a person calls out to Allah in distress in the middle of the night while you sleep like a baby! You are in BIG trouble!!!! You are in a world of pain and suffering.

Allah doesnt take kindly to transgressors and oppressors!

for the morons who are working for the single muslim site! your argument(or lackthreof) is that the site is innocent but the members are bad!

THAN WHY THE HECK ARE YOU ANY DIFFERENT FROM ANY SLEAZY SITE???? do not call yourself a muslim site if the thought of a woman being scammed doesnt hurt your soul! it took a secular site like this to expose a "muslim" site like single muslim!

these people do not care that Muslims have been hurt! they are money hungry! driven by greed.

I offer the site owners and any piece of trash on this site that thinks its funny to prey on women a strong warning from Allah!

Allah is especially protective of his female servants! I have seen so much disrespect. Emotionally stunted and immature guys flock to this site because they can lie. They dont need to use social skills or anything, just claim they are good Muslims and promise marriage. Once they ge thteir fill, the marry someone else! this is a theme of "muslim" sites like this.

And you have some guys who are trying to find love get nothing but an empty wallet and empty fake profiles.

This is your "muslim site". There is a disgusting individual here that was bragging about sleeping with so many women! this should tell you what kind of trash that site attracts! they hide behind the guise of Islam! throw in some salaams and alhamdulilahs! and thats it!

That owner and any scammer/cheater/abuser/womanizer will feel the wrath of Allah. Because when Allah grabs hold of you, he will not let you go! your days are numbered! and it will catchuo toyu! making a profit when women are contemplating suicide after the ordeal with a predator!

and you have the audacity to deny accountability?? thats like me falling in a supermarket because the employees didnt mop up an oil stain on the floor! than the manager tells me "oh well, you should of not fallen! not the supermarket's fault"!!!! NO! they will be brought to justice by the law!

in matters like these, Allah will grant the oppressed victory! there is no victim blaming with Allah! Allah sides with the wronged!

Any guy that did someone dirty! HASBI ALLAHUNIMAL WAKEEL!

and any Muslim who covers for and defends a predator instead of a victim. You will be held accountable.

DO NOT!I REPEAT, DO NOT SIGN UP TOT HE SITE! if you are already a member, revoke your membership NOW!!!! run! do not walk!

Product or Service Mentioned: Singlemuslim Website.

Reason of review: trash members.

I didn't like: Deceitful people, Questionable people on the website, Shady administrators - exactly, Complaints procedure, Stealing.

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