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Honestly, I am not very sure if my "totally-no-typical/stereotypical -Muslim" look was a reason for my frequent discrimination on, but the matter of the fact is that I have been treated purely by the administration of the site for NO reason and my account has been suspended TWICE for NO reason! That's why I can only guess it's probably because I look caucasian?

Wallahi, I don't know how I deserved all this...But that's what happened, decide for yourselves : When my account has been suspended the first time, I was very surprised and confused as of why would that happen to me and what was the matter? I wrote to customer service asking for what reasons I have been banned away from the service while I didn't break any rules of the site, and got a response asking for the copy of my passport or driving licence to verify the authenticity of my picture and personal information stated on my profile(with no further explanation whatsoever). I was absolutely confused and not happy about the matter, but even more, I wanted to know why the administration of the site suspended my profile without any notification in advance, basically, I just have been banned away without any explanation of the reasons. I tolerated such treatment once, however, and sent a copy of my ID card and had my profile reactivated shortly later.

Immediately, I contacted the moderator Lady asking for the reasoning behind of their actions taken against me, the lady administrator ignored my messages quite for a while before her majesty decided to reply to me (probably, she got annoyed after my frequent messages asking for the explanation of their actions) stating that a member did report my profile to them as deceitful... Ehmmm..okey..nice thing...and then they just suspend an account of a member without any notice? Just so? because someone said something?

Seriously? Never got a response to that question from the madam, beside of the arrogant short notice that the administration of the site do not owe me any explanation of their actions taken for the security reasons. SubhanAllah...That response baffled me, even more, to be honest...I was made a CRIMINAL instantly and banned away without any notice just because probably some angry grandpa, who got his one leg in the grave already, didn't like my refusal to become his wife number four and reported me to this genius and professional moderators as a revanche? Why not just contact me and ask for the ID proof instead of just suspending my account?

And then...Sometime later, my account has been suddenly suspended by the admins AGAIN. SAME THING, no prior notice whatsoever... Contacted the customer service...and guess what? got the same (template?) message about the need of proof of my identity LOL!

AGAIN ! lol Wallahi, there is something very wrong with these people on there, I am not sure what exactly it is thought, vision or mental health, but something is definitely wrong with them...

NEVER EVER AGAIN! P.S Ladies, (especially, blue eyed western looking blonds) If you have any sense of self-respect, I would sincerely advise you to stay away from

Product or Service Mentioned: Singlemuslim Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Apology .

I didn't like: Discrimination.

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Stay away from my wife Cynthia you peace of ***


This is not discrimination against Caucasian Muslims. I'm not Caucasian and the same thing happened to me.perhaos they're trying to steal our identities?

to BrooklynBelle #1591606

By now I am not very sure of why...but discrimination was definitely present . In General very unprofessional ,pure customer service and as they wanted me to send them my ID card copy again, that was to dubious for me too ... So I never did.

to seda_star07_11 #1591610

Oops.... "POOR" customer service (English isn't my first language)


I am sorry for the obvious discrimination if it were really the case.

Just out of curiosity and suspicion, were you already in contact with someone via their messaging system? Were you waiting for a response from someone?

thank you.

to Somebody #1591596

First time when they suspended my account I was in contact with someone. Second time, I was just off the site (hidden) for a while, due to busy schedules at work .

to Somebody #1591602

I wasn't active on this site for a very long time, obviously .... Saw your comment just today.

to seda_star07_11 #1593960

Good for u stay away from Cynthia mother *** thats my wife

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