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I joined muslim singles yesterday and today i wake up cant log in it has been suspended i dont even know what i did

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It's a store of fake account , recently I follow 5 star rating female id inbox me text message , and when I want to open text message single Muslim auto billing system to open premim or paid account service to read the inbox text . And all of other accitivity proved that this is a 99.99% store of fake service. Please don't open any id or don't make any payment for Single Muslim service. Thanks

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This site is a total scam! You will break your bank account or your heart! I have attached below my story because I have already talked about it on several sites warning people to stay away from this site! I was used by this guy than later on dumped after being promised marriage because his parents said I was" beneath" him! Not because I was a murderer or a bully! Because I wasn't as educated as him! Apparently they think education and... Read more

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Absolutely disgusting site. Extortion charges for the men. Women have a free pass to manipulate the other gender and catfish many. Unfair and baised customer service as the admin and customer service representatives refuse to take claims seriously. I would strongly advise to stay well clear of this sham of a website. This is not a review in terms of myself not being able to find someone, alhumdulliah I have found someone without the help of... Read more

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Absolutely rubish site and services. These lot just burn your pocket like crazy. Very cheaply designed site.

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Just saying, based on the exchange between you and him, your approach may have scared him away too. Although we are filled with so many questions when we look at a profile, as to whether it's fake or real it's best to not bombard with many questions on the first message. Leave it a mystery and he need not know that you have a mahram to accompany you or he'll say all the things which seems pleasing and acceptable. Let the person show their true... Read more

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The guys in this site are predators and use women only to play with them. Than they will block the female and move onto the next! I swear on my life this is what happens! y manzy (Male, 33 years old). Two women i know have had similar experience from the same guy and his family.each time the women were contacted by the guy and communication was made for a while.the guy then went to the girls family and vice versa.on both times this guy and his... Read more

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To be honest I have only been using this site for only 2 weeks and already I can tell that this site is a rip off. I am a muslim and looking for a wife as I have reached the stage of my life where I would like to start a family. Most girls do not seem genuine and just wasting time. They don't respond or acknowledge you. They have old men on the site and the girls seem to target them. When you look presentable and nice and they feel that you are... Read more

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Another singlemuslim user here who had a bad experience. I realized this site is a fraud. Requested to close and delete my account after a few months. They decided they'll charge me an extra month's subscription... for the fun of it I guess!! There is a special place in *** for these type of people. Both the administrators and the people on the website. I highly suggest that you never sign up for this type of website. It is a waste of time!... Read more

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according to our reviews Single is a scam all the way We Signed up about 2 months ago around early Dec 1st 2014 as a free member and we were bombarded with phony bogus replies to which case we were not able to read any of them as according to the site you have to be a paid member in order to read sent messages to you. (hence) this is very odd and or Bogus with in comparison to other dating sites to which case the candidate can not... Read more

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